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Hi, LuAnn here…

Experience, Expertise, Excellence

This is our tag line at Window Works. I need you to know these are not empty words that we carelessly toss around for advertising effect.

We mean them, we live them, we are them.

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The Window Works crew


Along with my husband Vince and our cousin Bill we have owned and operated Window Works since 1982. This is literally our 4th decade together working our craft, sharpening our skills and broadening our knowledge month after month, year after year. Each day we discover what’s new in window treatments and awnings and we face new installation challenges and design dilemmas. Think you have a problem window, call us; my guess is we have come across it along our journey and have the right solution for you.


A Danish physicist, Neils Bohr said: “An expert is a person who has made all the mistakes that can be made in his own narrow field”. I love this quote and if you too have also spent many years in the same profession I suspect you are smiling and nodding right now. Think about it, together the 3 of us have earned expert status in our field through every single loyal customer we have serviced. And, as valuable, our staff represents many years of Expertise too. Jim has been an installer with us since 1994, Carlos has been an installer with us since 2007 and Kimberly graduated with a degree in Interior Design in 2007 and is with us since 2008. Adriana interned with us as a college student in 2013 and quickly thereafter joined us fulltime as our showroom coordinator. When we say Expertise, we exemplify it from owner to team member.


While I am truly proud of our Experience and our Expertise, I am most proud of our Excellence.
Why? Because being Excellent is a choice, it is a deliberate decision we make every day as a company. It doesn’t just happen because we were here last year or last decade. We consciously decide to be Excellent in the way we treat you when you 1st call Window Works, when we design your window treatments and awnings, when we hunt for the perfect fabric or wallpaper to compliment your home, when we install your products and when we welcome you back when you call again for your next project. We are grateful for your business and we choose to express our gratitude to you by being Excellent in all of our dealings with you.

We look forward to hearing from you and for the opportunity to show you we mean what we say.

The Window Works Team

Vince Nigara
LuAnn Nigara
Bill Campesi
Jim Ferentchak
Carlos Martins
Kimberly Serafim
Adriana Stapelman
Samantha Viscardi
Julian DeVonish

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