Deck Canopies


During the winter months, you look forward to spending time outdoors on your deck. But once the hot summer sun comes, you may find yourself reluctantly moving back into your air-conditioned house. A deck canopy enables you to turn a hot deck into a cool, shaded space that protects your family and pets from the sun.

Unlike retractable awnings, deck canopies become more of a permanent part of your deck. Our professionals will bolt a rigid frame to your deck, and then will install the fabric roofed deck canopy. Depending on where you live and your weather patterns and frame construction, you can decide to remove the fabric during the winter, or you can leave it up year-round.

Advantages of a Deck Canopy

Deck canopies offer a number of advantages to homeowners, including:

  • Expansion of living space. A deck canopy generally covers your entire deck, providing you with a dedicated area you can enjoy rain or shine.
  • Deck protection. A deck canopy can extend the life of your deck and your patio furniture by shielding it from the rain, snow and hot sun.
  • Temperature reduction. A deck canopy lowers radiant heat absorption, enabling you to enjoy your deck on hot summer days. You can turn off the air conditioner and relax in your new outdoor living space.
  • Additional privacy. With additional side panels or roll drops, you can add privacy to your outdoor deck.
  • UV protection. Our sturdy deck canopies protect you from the sun’s damaging rays.

A deck canopy is made of synthetic material that’s resistant to tears and treated to prevent damage from the sun, wind and rain. You can choose from hundreds of acrylic fabric colors and stripes, to fit in with your home’s style and design.

Several canopy styles are available, including the WeatherMaster, which combines and Old World design with modern advances in design and technology. WeatherMaster canopies are available with or without side wings.

If your home has unique structural features, a number of custom deck canopy products are also available to suit your individual needs. Want to know more about deck canopies? Call Window Works at 973 535-5860 or 800-505-5860.

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