Interior Solar Shades


It has happened to most of us when trying to enjoy a movie or a television show; you can barely see what is happening on the screen because of the glare. Or you sit down to work at your desk, and light from the midday sun blinds you or reflects off the computer monitor. In the summer, your air conditioning works overtime to reduce the rising temperatures caused by the sun’s effects. Although all windows are not necessarily effective for insulating, older or single-pane windows offer even less protection from the heat and can increase energy bills by up to 75 percent.

No one usually questions the beauty of a sunny day, but when it comes to your home or business, it is beneficial to be able to control how much light and heat makes it inside. High cooling expenses, glare, and fading of furniture and décor can be reduced by installing interior solar shades.

Benefits of Interior Solar Shades

Interior solar shades are an attractive and versatile option for a variety of indoor spaces, including rentals or leased properties. Because interior solar shades are easily installed from the inside, this makes them the perfect option for dwellings or offices that do not allow exterior products.

Not only do interior solar shades prevent excessive light and heat from coming in; they also offer privacy in your home or office. Especially in rooms that are at ground level, near neighboring structures, or close to commonly-traveled walkways, solar shades help you control what comes in as well as what goes out.

When purchasing interior solar shades, some considerations include:

  • Color. Lighter-colored shades reflect heat most effectively, but darker colors retain your view better. A wide range of colors are available.
  • Opacity. A lower openness rating means a shade is more opaque; less light will shine through.
  • Materials. They come in a variety of materials, from fabric to powder coatings, to meet your aesthetic preferences and reflect your style and preference for light filtration.
  • Control options. Interior solar shades can easily be controlled manually, or with variety of or automated options. Battery powered motors are available for tough to reach applications, and sensors are available to automatically control the amount of light as the day goes on.

It is possible to enjoy sunlight while preventing it from causing glare, fading, or excessive heat in your home. Interior solar shades offer an attractive and affordable solution with a variety of customization options. If you are looking for increased comfort, privacy, and reduced energy bills, indoor solar shades may be the right option for your home or office.

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