Retractable Awnings


Call today to have Vince, our awning expert, help you decide which type of awning is best for you and your home or business. Let him explain to you how awnings are proven to extend the use of your outdoor living space, provide UV protection and save you energy, all while enhancing the beauty of your home and bringing attention to your business.

Retractable awnings allow you a greater degree of customization than is possible with other awnings, enabling you to control your outdoor experience. With the push of a button you can easily create a sheltered area in your yard, or retract the awning to enjoy the sun. Retractable awnings help protect your skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays, while also cutting down on your energy bills.

Advantages of Retractable Awnings

You don’t need to worry about an oncoming storm or an especially windy day when you have a retractable awning; you simply push a button or turn a crank, and the awning retracts. And in areas of the country that experience wintry weather, you don’t need to take down your awning at the end of the summer. The awning can remain retracted against your home or business throughout the winter.

Retractable awning options

A variety of retractable awnings are available with unique features to suit your needs, ranging from affordable entry-level models to full-featured awnings. Among the options are:

  • Our Elite Plus model includes an adjustable retractable awning system that allows you to drop each awning corner independently in order to block the sun, to give you additional shading possibilities.
  • For larger decks and patios, the Triumph retractable awning can create up to 475 square feet of shade, which is convenient if you’re seeking to cover a wide area.
  • Our Bella model incorporates a tipping system that allows the awning to extend straight out, then tip down for a 55 degree pitch. At most sizes, the awning can be either motorized or manual.

Other options that retractable awnings can offer include adding fabric side panels for additional privacy, a wireless wall switch for added convenience, and the ability to adjust the pitch of your awning to protect yourself from the glare of the late afternoon sun.

Also available is an innovative retractable front drop valence, designed for east and west facing applications. This integrated drop valence is a retractable fabric which can be operated manually or motorized, and helps protect you from late day sun when it sets below your awning.

Window Works’ retractable awnings are custom built for your home, so you can choose the features that suit your unique needs.

For information about retractable awnings, please contact Window Works at (973) 535-5860 or (800) 505-5860.

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