Window Awnings


Do you sometimes find that your home is too hot in the summer? Does the glare from the sun make it hard to watch TV or do some tasks in your house? If so, window awnings may be the solution. Window awnings are an attractive way to add some sun protection while at the same time beautifying your home or business.

Benefits of Window Awnings

Window awnings on your home provide a number of valuable benefits, including:

  • Energy efficiency. Window awnings can help you reduce the solar heat gain in your home in the summer by 65 percent for south-facing windows, and by 77 percent on west-facing windows, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. By installing window awnings on your home, you can reduce the solar heat gain in the summer, resulting in an energy savings and a lowering of your air conditioning bills.
  • Curbside bling. You can increase the attractiveness of your home and make it look more appealing with new window awnings. Choose from a variety of different colors and patterns to suit your home and your personal taste.
  • UV protection. Window awnings offer a layer of protection, helping to prevent your valuable furniture from fading.
  • Branding. Window awnings offer both form and function by improving comfort inside a building while offering protection and additional branding and signage outside.
  • Protection from weather. Window awnings can repel rain and snow, providing you with shelter when you’re trying to enter and exit your home.

Window awning options

The two main types of window awnings available are adjustable and fixed. The advantage of adjustable awnings is that they can be raised or lowered depending on the time of day or the season.

Window awnings today are available in a variety of different colors, patterns and fabrics, so you have lots to choose from. All of our window awnings are custom-made and professionally installed, so you can choose the right awning that showcases your home while filtering out the sun.

Window awnings can potentially provide energy savings and contribute to LEED points. For more details go here

For information about retractable awnings, please contact Window Works at (973) 535-5860 or (800) 505-5860.

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