UV Tinted Windows


UV tinted windows are the perfect solution to block the harmful rays of the sun without losing your view. UV tinted windows increase your home or office’s energy efficiency and protect your carpets and furniture, saving them from sun damage. Anyone of our window treatment pros, Vin, LuAnn or Kim can help you decide which UV window film is right for you.


Sunlight, or solar radiation, has three components: visible light, ultraviolet rays, and infrared rays. The human eye can pick up on visible light, but it can’t detect ultraviolet rays and infrared rays. However, these rays can still be felt by the skin in the form of heat. Windows without a UV tint will let in all three components, but UV tinted windows only allow visible light to penetrate the glass.

There are a variety of UV filters and films on the market. Here are some of the most popular:

  • Solar films: By rejecting up to 79% of solar energy, these keep the room comfortable and reduce glare.
  • Safety films: Specifically designed to hold shards of glass in place if the window breaks, these films offer maximum protection and are perfect for families with young children.
  • Decorative films: These films have artwork and added texture for design and privacy purposes, which is great for both homes and offices.
  • Exterior films: Instead of going on the interior of the window, these films are attached to the exterior of the glass.
  • Anti-Graffiti films: These films are easy to clean, remove, and replace, so they provide a barrier between vandals and the glass.

Some of the many benefits UV tinted windows can provide for homes or businesses include:

  • Protecting people from exposure to ultraviolet rays
  • Improving comfort in residential and office settings
  • Decreasing utility bills by providing energy savings
  • Increasing the lifespan of windows by protecting the glass
  • Decreasing glare and make it easier to see at home or work
  • Increasing privacy by making it more difficult to look inside
  • Reducing fading of interior paint and furniture
  • Improving aesthetics and increasing the value of the property
  • Being easy to clean with regular glass cleaner and non-abrasive supplies
  • Improving the productivity of staff in a business environment
  • Providing safety if glass breaks since the adhesive can catch shards
  • Protecting businesses from vandalism and graffiti

For information about UV tinted windows, please contact Window Works at (973) 535-5860 or (800) 505-5860.

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